About Our Company

Who We Are

We are an Independent Mortgage Broking Finance House looking to help our customers to get ahead and achieve all their Financial Goals. We believe in providing options to our clients, so they can choose one that suits their needs. Therefore, we are working with a wide range of Lenders to find the solution they are looking for.

Our founder Ghulam Asghar has worked in the Finance Industry since 2005 in United Kingdom. It has given him an extensive experience in Mortgage & Protections Broking that he uses to see our clients more holistically.

More About Us

Ghulam Asghar initially worked as a Personal Banker, then as Non-Advised Branch Manager in Santander Bank which taught him end-to-end process of a mortgage from start to finish. He later worked as senior manager for several UK high street banks and then for over 9 years he worked as Area Mortgage Manager for Lloyds Banking Group. During this time, he realised he wanted to do more for his clients and have more personal interactions with them. So, he founded Asghar Finance House. As a Mortgage Broker, he enjoyed getting to share his knowledge of finance and how the lending process works.

He has helped many First Home Buyers to get into the property market, as well as Homeowners and Investors, to reduce their debts and to simplify their commitments. He has also helped many customers to have most suitable mortgage, life, and home protection solutions in place. He gets great satisfaction knowing that he has sincerely helped his clients to better understand their own financial situation and how to improve it.

Our Vision

We provide independent mortgage, protection and home insurance advice that is ethical, clear and in our customer’s best interest. To do this, we deliver personalised assessment, education, and home loan choices. By helping our clients analyse, understand, and improve their overall financial position in life.

Our Mission

Asghar Finance House envisions being the ultimate choice for financial solutions. We commit to client-centric excellence, innovative services, and holistic empowerment. Our unwavering dedication to integrity and community impact sets us apart in the financial services landscape.

Our Values

We strive for Integrity

We have a strong commitment to build and maintain trust, by providing advice that is honest and respectful. Accordingly, we apply ethical and transparent business practices, that prioritise our customers’ best interests.

We Pursue Excellence

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to identify their independent financial needs. This way, we keep strong communication among all parties and will be able to provide a service that can exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are Accountable

We are committed to you. Our responsibility is to always fulfil our promises to our clients.

We follow Compliance

Our team has vast experience in the industry. We keep up to date with economic and credit policy changes to ensure you get the right advice for you. Furthermore, we commit to continuously educate ourselves and develop professionally with industry high standards.

We help our Community

We believe in providing a social impact on our wider community. Occasionally, we volunteer in different programs and run fundraisers to help improve or support a cause.